College Term Dates for 2016

Term2: March 16 to May 4
Term 3: May 11 to Jun 29
Term 4: July 6 to Aug 17
Term 5: August 22to September 5
Term 6: October19 to November 23

Park Lessons:

Free park lessons (from 10am to noon) are offered for those wanting to know more about Tai Chi before attending a formal class and these are at:

Central Park, Malvern East (corner Burke and Wattletree Roads) Melway 59 G10
– March 5, April 30, June 18, August 13, October 8, November 26

Fairfield Park, Fairfield (corner Heidelberg Road and Fairfield Park Drive) Melway 30 J12
– March 13, May 8, June 26, August 21, October 16, December 4

World Tai Chi and Qiqong Day: 25 April


Philosophy Lesson 


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  1. Sharon says:

    Hi, I am interested in beginner classes. Can you please advise details.

    • gtaichi says:

      We practice the Yang style of Tai Chi, 6:30 pm Wednesday nights at St Paul’s Church Hall, 175 Latrobe Tce.
      Corporate and private programs can be discussed and arranged to your requirements.

      Beginners are always welcome, please arrive earlier so you can be registered.
      Please wear loose clothing and flat bottom, slip free shoes to the class.
      While there is no apparent exertion it is wise to bring water for individual needs.

      The session lasts for 1 hour, comprising warm up, form tutorial, cool down. The beginning student will be taught the traditional Beijing 24 as expressed by PRC Ministry of Sports. Continuing and advanced students engage in the further study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan. The student will be introduced and taught Beijing 24, Yang 108, Qi Gong, Shibashi 1-7, Lotus Qi Gong, Ba Dua Jin, Beijing 42, sword, fan, sabre, flute, Chen and Sun forms. Incorporating meridian and lymphatic system activation, Relaxation, Meditation, health and wellbeing exercises. Tai Chi is indeed a subtle martial art which you will also learn by inference and example.

      Please note if you have some physical or physiological issues, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice before starting. Tai chi is a self regulating activity for those with issues you must regulate your activity in class depending on the level of your mobility. Only move as far as you can or stretch to the limit of comfort regardless of the instruction you receive in class. It is a slow entry into fitness and will take at least 12 to 15 sessions before you realise some benefits.

      Terms are 7 weeks long and the sessional fee is $7?9, concessional cards $69, casual, walk in and casual practitioners pay $15 per session.

      Please see for information on tai chi and particularly for a list of the different schools in Victoria

  2. Steph says:

    My children had a session at school today of taichi which they enjoyed. Do you have children classes or can they join an adult class as I am interested to?

  3. Annaisse NOVAK says:

    Hi there. I would like to join your next 7 week course please. I have never done any Tai Chi, but sense that I need it, not just for my physical body, but also to calm my mind. Could you let me know your course dates please.

  4. Ashley says:

    Hi, I do taekwondo and i teach wednesday nights and Sunday mornings around geelong and it would be nice to start up another martial art especially one that is very relaxing and one that can relieve a lot of stress and Tai Chi is a great way to go. Anyway i was just wondering if you by any chance do classes on days that im not teaching or if its during the day? and also how many levels are there in Tai Chai and how long roughly does it usually take to get to the highest level? (just curious thats all)
    Thank You kindly

    • gtaichi says:

      Thank you for your enquiry. We do private lessons outside of the class times on Wednesday. please.
      There are no levels as such, each style has grandmasters and they award levels of instructor, etc, according to ability. Our current grandmaster was awarded some 5 years ago after more than 30+ years of tai chi. /g

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