Starting Tai Chi?

Starting Tai Chi

You might be following up on New Years resolutions or fulfilling an old promise to yourself. In any case, now is the right time to start Tai Chi.

It is said

that the hardest part of Tai Chi is the firm decision to start. This is a natural irony, as the warm friendly environment in Tai Chi class is part of the positive nature of the art.


How it Works

Tai Chi classes are held at city and suburban locations around Melbourne, Victoria. Classes are weekly, with six terms each year. See the Training Locations listing for details.

The term start date is the first class and new student orientation. All training centres provide beginner lessons and ensure a gentle introduction to practicing Tai Chi.

Our Tai Chi terms last for 7 weeks. Enrolment per term is $79, concession is $69.
Concession is available to Health Care card holders and children under 16.

Getting Started

Simply select a training centre and come to the first class. No need to book. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Come about 20 minutes early to allow for signup. You will see instructors and senior students in Celestial Tai Chi College uniform. Introduce yourself as a new attendee. They will organise your student record and set you up for that class.

Download, print and complete the enrolment form here (Celestial tai chi enrollment form PDF -33k), to save time at your first class.

What to Expect

Classes start with a gentle warm up all together. Then the group breaks up into levels. You will be in a Level 1 group with an instructor and other Level 1 students. If you have trained tai chi before, you may spend only one class in Level 1. If you like to savour the myriad of aspects to tai chi practice, you may remain in Level 1 for some time. As with the iceberg, the great body of one’s individual tai chi practice cannot be seen by casual observers.

You will find the instructors friendly and approachable – don’t be shy to ask questions and seek advice. All instructors remember their first day and how it is to be a beginner. Mostly they remember how it is to recognise one’s first improvements and to start a journey of quiet achievement. They will enjoy your desire to improve and take pleasure in assisting you.

You will also find informal mentor relationships form within the class group. Particularly this is true with students who are also assistants and trainee instructors. This is typical in Chinese martial arts and helps to support students as they explore a new world. These relationships spill over to the other activities of the College, such as Park lessons, Christmas banquets and China tours .

Importantly, you will find fellow students of all kinds. They are there for the same reasons as you. The universal fellowship in this pursuit is something to behold.

We wish to heartily encourage you and welcome you to the Geelong School of the Celestial Tai Chi College of Australia.

with Instructor Geoffrey Moss

Grand Master Eng Chor and Senior Master Chin Min 

16 Responses to Starting Tai Chi?

  1. Tanya Motiani says:

    Just wondering when the first date of starting up tai classes is? Is it next Wednesday – the 14th? Thanks

    • gtaichi says:

      We are starting earlier by a couple of weeks on the 14 for the New Year Resolution Tai Chi 9 weeks for $90 please come early to register.
      6:30pm St Paul’s Church Hall 175 Latrobe Terrace next to Geelong Rail Station and before Brougham street entrance. /gtc

  2. Lilian says:

    I’m interested in beginner classes. Is it too late to join this term? Can you send me a timetable or any other information. Thanks

  3. Lesley mcRae says:

    I would like to begin Tai Chi and would appreciate you sending me information about beginner,s class. Thank you

    • gtaichi says:

      our beginners class is starting on march 18, 630pm St paul’s church hall, 175 latrobe Tce, Geelong. go to geelong tai chi on facebook or look at the details given on this website. thank you/gee

  4. Natasha says:

    Hello wondering when your next beginners class starts please?

  5. Mark says:

    Just wondering when the next session is starting up?? Timetable?

  6. Anne says:

    when is your next course starting? I am a beginner.

  7. Kate Menzies says:

    Hello, I am just wanting some information for the next start up!

  8. Maree Hunter says:

    I am interested in beginner’s class, should I wait for next term?

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